Value Proposition


IT innovation is thriving in NZ. Ease of doing business, a stable financial and political environment and the absence of rigid legacy thinking is the perfect combination to allow innovative thinking to flourish here.

The challenge our clients face is that they don’t have the money, time, manpower, skill and connections to take their IT products and services to the world. Some are acquired by a large vendor, but very often only for a fraction of their true value.


We help you build and realise the value in your technology business.  


As a NZ based advisor, Blue Columbus is all about showcasing New Zealand’s original thinking to the world. We help create the acquisition strategy, plans and tactical steps to not only connect the organisation with the global buyers, but we also help to ensure organisations are acquired for their true value. We help maximize an organisations’ true value taking into consideration competitive positioning, current performance, sales velocity, global market positioning and unique differentiation.

Blue Columbus is a specialist broker and growth advisor for technology businesses. We improve your marketability and offer brokering services. This includes due diligence, acquisition planning, connection into the global market place and negotiation services to assist your business value to be realised through sale.


Our services include:

  • Buyer Engagement
  • Business Value Improvement Programs
  • Marketability Assessment
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Optimising Negotiation.





Blue Columbus is trading under the name of the incorporated firm Blue Columbus Limited. Blue Columbus Limited is a limited liability company registered in New Zealand (registered number 6285314).




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